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Fill Post Number One
nightofcydonia wrote in portal_gen
When you complete a fill, please make a comment linking to it here. It makes finding filled requests a lot easier. As with the prompt thread, a new fill thread will be started when this one gets 3000 comments.

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We were so hot, I came twice and it was great. As a result I never had enjoyed receiving oral sex that much. He later came down and I told him about it and he decided he didn't like it and he moved in with his father that he hadn't seen since he was about 5. What a poor sport. I've mentioned how strong her legs are (and how much I love to get them wrapped around me.), and she put them to good use, planting both feet in the middle of my chest and heaving me halfway across the room. She began to stroke both of them at the same time. "You call that a kiss. As they broke the beam on the door trigger, the left opened slightly, showing itself to be unlocked. She seemed surprised to see Amanda free of her bonds and a bit amused to see her fucking away at me. " The group that had been here the day before cheered their pleasure with Amanda's performance of the previous evening.

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