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Prompt Post Number One
nightofcydonia wrote in portal_gen
Please post prompts here, but read the rules before doing so.  This thread will be closed and a new one started when it gets 3000 comments.

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Pre-AI Wheatley and Caroline

Wheatley, like GLaDOS, is based on a scan of a real person. He and Caroline meet during the scanning process.

Given how different Caroline is from GLaDOS their dynamic could be very different or very similar to GLaDOS and Wheatley, either is fine.

Co-op Fixit

I just watched the end of the co-op mode on Youtube and boy that's dark.

So, I need fixit fic!

How do all those humans end up NOT being tested to death: do they stage a revolution? Did the other AIs get a taste of freedom during the years GLaDOS was offline and decide they're sick of testing? Does the newly awakened voice of Caroline badger GLaDOS into letting them go? Does Chell come back and save them all? Maybe ALL OF THESE AT ONCE (or not :))

Remembering Family

You know that theory about Chell's parentage which is somewhat supported by the lyrics of the Turret Opera? Well, this anon has seen a few fics where it's true and GLaDOS remembers the relevent information after dealing with Wheatley, however they thought it would be interesting if GLaDOS remembered it earlier, specifically while they were still making their way through Old Aperture and just kept quiet about it, not least because her thoughts during the Lunacy would be interesting to say the least. This anon would therefore like a fic that has the above mentioned scenario and focused on GLaDOS' thoughts after the realization while at the same time they've got to get back up to the new levels and deal with Wheatley.

A different take on the daughter theory

This anon found the following on TV Tropes' Wild Mass Guessing page:
"GLaDOS considers herself to be Chell's mother. GLaDOS is prone to alternating between maternal praise and less-than-maternal punishment. GLaDOS may have decided a long time ago that the problem with the Portals technology was not the tech itself, but rather, its users. The solution? Bring in a crop of kids ("Bring your daughter to work day...) put them in cold sleep, then gas all the people working in the facility. A trial run of this last step didn't work out, but it turned out that GLaDOS didn't need to do that after all, since eventually, something happened outside, leaving GLaDOS to begin her biological experiment: Raise a human being who could "Think with Portals" perfectly. Chell is the end result of this experiment and, as a result, GLaDOS is rather fond of a passive aggressive sort of way."

Given that this anon is rather fond of the above theory (it explains the lyrics of the Turret Opera while avoiding the timeline issues associated with the more literal theory) they would like to see a fic based on it.

Portal Creepypasta

I need a scare, anons. Badly. Feel free to do your best...or worst...;)

holly madison nude

Thank you!!!! 1000 times!!!

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