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Introduction and Rules
nightofcydonia wrote in portal_gen
Welcome to the Portal Gen Meme. Basically it's the same as the kink meme, only without the kink, so you can post/read ideas and fics without worrying about who else is in the room.

The Rules

1- No adult content. Due to a slight misunderstanding on my part, the 'gen' part of the title is less a case of 'no romance' and more a case of 'suitable for a general audience'. Therefore no smut, extreme violence or overly disturbing stuff is allowed.  If you want to post adult stuff, that's what the kink meme is for. On the other hand, non-explict romance (ie, any and all 'physical' stuff is implied at most) is allowed but I'd prefer it if said romance wasn't the be all and end all of the prompt/fic and non-romantic fics are very much encouraged.

2- Like the kink meme, the gen meme is also anonymous, although mainly for reasons of tradition and avoiding geekiness related embarrassment rather then the ones that apply to kink memes.  That said, posting as a user is okay but it's sort of missing the point.

3- Be polite. That means no flames, insults, or trying to stir things up. Break this rule and the offending posts will be deleted.

4- Prompts have to be Portal related. Don't get too far off topic

5- Don't make duplicate posts.

6- One prompt per post.


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Hi! I think this is a great idea, but I find the rules confusing: the me "gen" means no romance or sex, while "adult content" means no explicit sex or violence. You can have G rated romance (eg Caroline and Cave go on a date and hold hands) and adult gen (eg a detailed description of a previous test subject being burned to death): which, if either of those, would be allowed here?

Also this post isn't let me comment anonymously, which is contrary to the usual dynamic of a prompt meme. I don't mind logging in, but some people really do, and not just when they're writing porn.

I'll be honest, I sort of 'borrowed' the name from another meme with similar rules, plus my definition of gen was basically 'suitable for a general audience'. For the record, smut-free romance would be allowed, extreme violence wouldn't be.

I don't know what's going on with the comments but I'll try and sort it out.

Ah! Well, it might cause less confusion if you replaced or defined the word "gen" in the rules, or people with the "no romance" definition will get confused. Like: "No adult content. Sex and extreme violence are not allowed, post them to portalkink instead. Romantic stories are ok as long as they're not explicit."

Anyway, I'm glad non explicit romantic stuff is allowed, and I have a couple of prompts to post the moment anonymous commenting is enabled on the prompt post ^_^

Testing, testing, one, two, three.

Okay. Anonymous posting is now working.

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