Introduction and Rules

Welcome to the Portal Gen Meme. Basically it's the same as the kink meme, only without the kink, so you can post/read ideas and fics without worrying about who else is in the room.

The Rules

1- No adult content. Due to a slight misunderstanding on my part, the 'gen' part of the title is less a case of 'no romance' and more a case of 'suitable for a general audience'. Therefore no smut, extreme violence or overly disturbing stuff is allowed.  If you want to post adult stuff, that's what the kink meme is for. On the other hand, non-explict romance (ie, any and all 'physical' stuff is implied at most) is allowed but I'd prefer it if said romance wasn't the be all and end all of the prompt/fic and non-romantic fics are very much encouraged.

2- Like the kink meme, the gen meme is also anonymous, although mainly for reasons of tradition and avoiding geekiness related embarrassment rather then the ones that apply to kink memes.  That said, posting as a user is okay but it's sort of missing the point.

3- Be polite. That means no flames, insults, or trying to stir things up. Break this rule and the offending posts will be deleted.

4- Prompts have to be Portal related. Don't get too far off topic

5- Don't make duplicate posts.

6- One prompt per post.